Installation Troubleshooting#

Cannot install PyQt5 dependency#

Idtrackerai’s GUIs work (by default) with PyQt5. But if its installation fails, giving some of the next errors:

  • sipbuild.exceptions.UserException

  • error: metadata-generation-failed

  • sipbuild.pyproject.PyProjectOptionException

  • Frozen process while Preparing metadata (pyproject.toml)... (specially on MacOS)

you can choose to install any of the remaining Qt bindings for Python (you only need one of them to succeed):

Qt binding options in Python#
python -m pip install PyQt5 # default
python -m pip install PyQt6
python -m pip install PySide6
python -m pip install PySide2

And, once any of them succeed, you will have to install idtrackerai without the PyQt5 dependency:

# install idtrackerai without any dependency
python -m pip install idtrackerai --no-deps

# install all remaining dependencies except PyQt5
python -m pip install numpy rich h5py scipy opencv-python-headless qtpy superqt toml matplotlib

Not recognized command#

If you just installed and idtrackerai_test gets a very short error like No such file or directory or Not recognized command, try reactivating the Conda environment:

conda deactivate
conda activate idtrackerai

Could not load library

If idtrackerai_test starts but after some seconds you get something like Could not load library, you are missing the Cuda Toolkit dependency, install it with:

conda install cudatoolkit=11.8 -c conda-forge

qt.qpa.plugin: Could not load the Qt platform plugin “xcb”#

Read this thread. Alternatively, in Ubuntu sudo apt install libxcb-cursor0 solves the problem.

module ‘torch’ has no attribute ‘_six’#

In MacOS, running

python -m pip install --upgrade torch

seems to fix the issue.

ImportError: cannot import name COMMON_SAFE_ASCII_CHARACTERS from charset_normalizer.constant#

From Stack Overflow:

python -m pip install chardet

No graphic device was found available#

If your computer has a NVIDIA or AMD GPU or uses MacOS >= 12.3 with M1, M2 or AMD GPU and idtrackerai cannot find the specific device available, your PyTorch installation is malfunctioning.

To fix that, you have to Uninstall the entire Conda environment and try again. Read carefully the PyTorch indications depending on your machine. Getting PyTorch to use GPU acceleration can be tricky sometimes.

Any other error

Send us your error to and we will assist you.